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Malware Removal  starting at $39.00

Malware can be in the form of any type of spyware, virus, worm, or even trojan horse. Malware is a malicious form of software developed to be in any number of locations and able to sabotage your computers ability to perform properly. This software can gather your credit card numbers, birth dates, social security numbers, and any other data you would not openly share.

Back doors can be created on your computer as entry points for hackers to get into your system gaining access to all your info. Malware can also be designed to corrupt your computers files causing loss of your critical data. If your computers system is running slow, redirects you to websites you did not intend to visit, causes multiple pop up windows, or causes random system crashes then you may have Malware. Come visit our computer repair store in Garland, Texas and see why so many people trust us with their data.

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Malware Removal

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