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Laptop DC Jacks - Repairs & Replacement Service in Garland

When it comes to computers even the highest quality laptops break and frequently the DC jack can be the problem. We understand this is very frustrating and we can help you get it fixed. We get numerous calls about this issue. There are basically two ways to fix this common problem...

Premium Laptop DC Jack Repair
If you want it fixed correctly the best way to go is
our premium laptop DC jack repair service which will usually cost around $75 including parts. The premium service ensures that a qualified and experienced professional laptop computer repair technician will be performing the work on your laptop and your DC jack will be fixed properly with a full 1 year warrantee! (Our premium services are usually still cheaper!)

Cheap DC Jack Repair    (we do not offer this service)
The cheap way is usually a service you mail your laptop to. You must ship your laptop with broken dc jack as is to be "fixed" perhaps in a basement or behind a garage door somewhere. If you choose to do it cheap then you will get what you pay for. Usually there is no warrantee and the worst part is the chances that the cheap fix will break again within a few months leaving mad again. This happens all too often and that is why you rarely find a company that will stand behind their DC power jack repair work like we do.

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Here at A + PC Depot we have a great group of guys... each tech has years of experience providing professional laptop computer repair services including DC jack repairs and replacements. We offer the cheapest prices around Garland and our techs bring more experience than almost any local shop or major store.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our laptop DJ jack service.

What brand of laptops do you provide DC jack repairs for?

Our lead technicians have years of experience providing laptop DC jack repair service for ALL LAPTOP BRANDS. Although this problem can be found with all types of units, we certainly see issues with certain brands more than others. We have created some extra pages for the laptops that have this problem and they are below for your convenience. such as:

Service Areas around Garland

We are located at 1402 Northwest Highway #100 A in Garland, TX 75041. We have an outstanding reputation in the computer repair industry in and around Garland and the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. Come by and allow us to perform a computer repair inspection and virus scan to find out what is wrong with your unit.

We offer the cheapest laptop DC jack repair service anywhere. We will gladly service any computer you have. Please remember, if you do not have a ride we offer a pick up service so your repair can get underway. We will call when it is done so you can pick it up. We look forward to your business and hope you will look over the following areas that are not far from our store.

Garland, Dallas, Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Rowlett, Richardson, Sachse, Plano, Murphy, Wylie, Parker, and Addison. 75253, 75181, 75180, 75217, 75227, 75149, 75182, 75150, 75226, 75228, 75218, 75223, 75214, 75088, 75041, 75205, 75225, 75230, 75231, 75238, 75243, 75042, 75244, 75240, 75254, 75248, 75252, 75093, 75024, 75080, 75075, 75023, 75025, 75081, 75040, 75044, 75082, 75074, 75002, 75094, 75098, 75048, 75089


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How long does your DC jack repair service take?

We repair laptops in the order they were received. Turnaround time on a DC power jack repair is usually 1 or 2 business days. Other computer repair shops claim same day service on DC jack repair, but state otherwise on their web sites. We advertise 1-2 day DC jack repair service and always do our best to complete every DC jack repair within that time frame. Mailing your laptop to the manufacturer for repair (actually motherboard replacement) could take 2 – 3 months!

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Here at A + PC Depot each member of our staff has years of experience fixing laptop DC jacks. We back all repair & replacement work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide the highest quality replacement parts and customer service by experienced and very professional computer technicians.

Call us for a price quote, then call around and see if any other shops will match our price, quality or guarantee their work. Then call us back when you realize no one can come close to our service. You have found the right place if you need a professional Garland computer store with cheap prices for all laptop computer DC jack repairs including:

There are a few ways to check if your DC jack is not working properly or broken. First, it is important to understand that laptops are very fragile especially the inside and outer DC jack contact points. You can usually bet that unless you have always been extremely careful when plugging it in out there is going to be some wear and tear on your unit. You will know the DC jack is not working properly if:

How a DC jack breaks - There are numerous ways to break a laptop DC jack without even knowing it

If you handle your unit roughly (not extremely careful) then chances are you may work the connection loose or damage it completely. The DC power jack on the majority of laptop computers do not have enough structural integrity within the casing and motherboard to accommodate the stress caused by basic usage and movement.

Some laptops develop DC jack problems from normal usage. The power jack assembly is usually designed for only a few years of careful use. You will find this evidence in the short term warranty offer from the original manufacturer.

If you drop or sling the laptop around while it is plugged in; or if you kick or step on the power cord while it is connected you might loosen the DC Jack connection. This is probably the most common of all the examples listed here.

In some instances the manufacturer did not solder the DC jack onto the motherboard properly.

If you have a broken laptop DC jack give us a call. We can repair all laptop DC jacks of all sizes and we will our work. We can properly fix or replace any and all of the following laptop brands (all sizes from: 14 inch laptops, 15 inch laptop DC jacks, 17 inch, 19 inch etc.) & all other sizes repaired properly: